The Slimming Blend


Perfect meal replacement with low calories

Key Features

  • Meal Replacement
  • Supports Weight Loss
  • Essential Vitamins
  • 129kcal per serving

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How it helps you

The Slimming Blend is a meal replacement specially designed to kick start your weight loss journey. Use as a meal replacement to help lose excess body fat, stimulate your metabolism and sculpt a more slender body. With a blend of ingredients proven to reduce body fat, The Slimming Blend is capable of shedding kgs of unwanted body fat.

How To Use

How To Use

Add a 35g scoop of Meal Replacement with 250ml of skimmed milk or water. Try blending with fruit and vegetables to make smoothies.

Take 1 serving of Meal Replacement per day, replacing either breakfast, lunch or evening meal.

Replace 2 meals a day choosing from either breakfast, lunch or evening meal.

Replace 3 meals a day with shakes and 2 healthy snacks.

It is recommended that this option is limited to 3 weeks ONLY at a time. Switch to the suggested normal use every 4th week.



INGREDIENTS: SKIMMED MILK POWDER, WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE 80 (ULTRA WHEY 80 LF), SUCROSE, COCOA POWDER, INULIN(Fructo-Oligosaccharide), MALTODEXTRIN, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE Providing 1251mg of Potassium, HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL, CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR, LACTOSE, XANTHIUM GUM, LECITHINE, DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE Providing 179mg of Calcium and 136mg of Phosphorus, MAGNESIUM OXIDE Providing 423mg of Magnesium, 0.5mg GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT 20% CHLOROGENIC ACID, 0.5mg ACAI BERRY FREEZE DRIED EXTRACT (ORGANIC) 7:1, 0.5mg RASPBERRY KETONES, CALCIUM CASEINATE, ASCORBIC ACID PREPARATION (E564 HPMC) 1.100 Providing 97mg of Vitamin C, FERROUS FUMARATE 0.661 Providing 19.7mg of Iron, NICOTINAMIDE 0.241 Providing 21.9mg of Vitamin B3, NATURAL VITAMIN E 0.233 Providing 17.1mg of Vitamin E, L-SELENO METHIONINE PREPARATION (Di-Calcium Phosphate) 0.137 Providing 68.6μg of Selenium, VITAMIN A PREPARATION (Gum Arabic E414, Sucrose, Starch, Vitamin E E307, Tri-Calcium, Phosphate E341) 0.128 Providing 1134μg of Vitamin A, ZINC OXIDE 0.121 Providing 9.7mg of Zinc, COPPER GLUCONATE 0.102 Providing 1.429mg of Copper, MANGANESE SULPHATE 0.089 Providing 2.857mg of Manganese, CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE 0.051Providing 4mg of Vitamin B5, VITAMIN D3 PREPARATION (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Gum Arabic E414, Sucrose, Starch, DL-alpha-Tocopherol, tri-calcium phosphate E341) 0.034 Providing 7.1μg of Vitamin D, PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE 0.019 Providing 1.415mg of Vitamin B6, THIAMINE MONONITRATE 0.018 Providing 1.258mg of Vitamin B1, D-BIOTIN 0.006 Providing 47.6 of D-Biotin, FOLIC ACID 0.003 Providing 208μg of Folic Acid, RIBOFLAVIN 0.003 Providing 228μg of Vitamin B2, POTASSIUM IODIDE PREPARATION (Di-Calcium Phosphate) 0.002 Providing 21μg of Iodine, CYANOCOBALAMIN PREPARATION (Di-Calcium Phosphate) 0.001 Providing 0.364μg of Vitamin B12.

Nutritional typical valuesPer 35g servingPer 100g% Adult RDA per 35g serving
Energy kcal129 kcal369 kcal
Protein5.8 g16.5 g
Carbohydrates23.2 g66.3 g
of which sugars20.0 g59.5 g
Fats1.32 g3.8 g
of which saturates0.648 g1.9 g
Fibre 2 mg5.5 mg
Sodium0.096 g0.3 g
Acai Berry 7:1 Extract Equivalent350 mg1000 mg
Raspberry ketone50 mg142 mg
Vitamin A396 µg1134 µg50%
Vitamin D2.48 µg7.1 µg50%
Vitamin E5.98 µg17.1 mg50%
Vitamin C33.95 mg97 mg42%
Vitamin B10.44 mg1.258 mg40%
Niacin7.66 mg21.9 mg48%
Vitamin B60.495 mg1.415 mg35%
Folic Acid72.8 µg208 µg36%
Biotien16.6 µg47.6 µg33%
Pantothenic Acid6.89 mg19.7 mg46%
Magnesium148.05 mg432 mg39%
Iron6.89 mg19.7 mg46%
Zinc3.39 mg9.7 mg34%
Copper0.50 mg1.429 mg50%
Selenium21.01 µg68.6 µg44%

980g 28 servings


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